Timberland Fund

Since 2009, Jamestown has owned and managed timberlands in the Eastern United States through a series of closed-end funds and an institutional open-end fund.

Jamestown acquires, owns, operates, and sells core timberland properties that are managed primarily for timber production. Jamestown targets established properties that, through intensive management, respond favorably to three sources from which timberland returns are derived: biological growth, timber price appreciation, and land price appreciation. Jamestown focuses on timber markets we believe exhibit strong demand from a variety of producers of forest products.

Jamestown works diligently to develop proactive management strategies for its timberlands aiming to increase investment productivity and to ensure sustainable and responsible practices. These include:

  • Planting pine species and quality seedlings in accordance with the biological potential of the sites and economic fundamentals of the respective timber market
  • Applying fertilizer as needed to achieve faster growth rates
  • Implementing timely thinning regimes to ensure healthy forests
  • Controlling competition to potentially maximize the productivity of only the targeted tree species
  • Proactively managing risk to help ensure healthy forests
  • Potentially capturing additional revenue through recreational leases
  • Providing opportunities for carbon sequestration
  • Ensuring all tracts are third-party certified
  • Complying with state best management practices during harvest
  • Harvesting sustainably
  • Protecting geologically or culturally significant special sites
  • Establishing policies and practices to recognize and respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • Incorporating relevant research and data into management decisions to promote conservation and biological diversity

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