Tech and Innovation at Jamestown

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Strategic Investments

Jamestown invests in real estate startups and technology funds that differentiate our properties and enable nimble, creative teams. We build deep partnerships with exceptional founders – from pilot to scale.

Our Strategic Investment Portfolio

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Data and Insights

We use advanced data and analytics to interpret patterns in behavior and to reduce bias in our decision-making. Our data team pairs traditional data with anonymous alternative sources like social media hashtags, e-commerce spending, and employment trends.

Innovative Partnerships

Jamestown structures partnerships with best-in-class technology businesses to enhance our operating model and property experiences – examples include:

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Air quality enhancement

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Touchless F&B ordering

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Leasing productivity

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Sustainability analytics

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Virtual touring

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Battery technology

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Real-time energy management

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Property management productivity

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Healthy and efficient commutes

Innovate with Us

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