Tech & Innovation at Jamestown

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Strategic Investments

Jamestown invests in real estate startups and technology funds that differentiate our properties and enable nimble, creative teams. We build deep partnerships with exceptional founders – from pilot to scale.

Our Strategic Investment Portfolio

Innovative Partnerships

Jamestown seeks out partnerships with best-in-class entrepreneurs and companies to drive value to our tenants and investors. Examples include:


Sustainability Analytics


Tenant Experience App


Leasing Productivity

Carbon Lighthouse

Emissions Prevention

Flex, Rhino

Payment Flexibility

Building Engines

Property Management

Prescriptive Data

Energy Management Information System


Payment Platform


Property Accounting


Battery Technology


Access Control


Corporate Accounting


Smart Restroom Solution


VR for Leasing

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Data and Insights

We use advanced data and analytics to interpret patterns in behavior and to reduce bias in our decision-making. Our data team pairs traditional data with anonymous alternative sources like social media hashtags, e-commerce spending, and employment trends.

Access to 1.5B visitors to our properties

Aggregated Mobile Location Data

Insight into 60+ social networks

Aggregated Psychographic Data

Rent trends across ZIP codes

Aggregated Rental Rate Data

33B credit card transactions

Aggregated Transaction Data

Insights on 18M workers

Aggregated Employer Data

Transportation and foot traffic

Aggregated Mobility Data

Digital Integration

Leveraging the rise of digital assets, Jamestown is also building the future of immersive experiences bridging the virtual and physical worlds. Through virtual reality, augmented reality, and metaverse integrations, we’re exploring new ways for people to interact with our properties.

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Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle reimagines how physical places can be experienced by combining the power of augmented reality technology with storytelling.

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One Times Square in Decentraland

As part of Metafest 2022, a global party to ring in the new year, Jamestown brought One Times Square into the Decentraland metaverse – the leading decentralized virtual world.

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Innovate with Us

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