Jamestown Charitable Foundation

Founded in 2012, the Jamestown Charitable Foundation was established as a § 501(c)(3) public charity to serve as the organizing entity for community events that benefit designated nonprofits. As an investor in properties located in metropolitan centers, Jamestown, through the Jamestown Charitable Foundation, supports nonprofits that make our cities more desirable places to live and work. Our areas of focus are sustainable and local food movements, parks and green spaces, alternative transportation, and design.

Jamestown has identified the following focus areas for giving to catalyze great placemaking and build healthy, sustainable, and economically viable cities.

Sustainable and Local Food Movements

Access to food that is grown locally and without pesticides is of paramount importance in cities and communities with growing populations. Community gardens, farm to table projects, and scholarships for rising chefs from disadvantaged communities are the types of initiatives that we believe address these critical issues.

Parks and Green Space

In the urban environment, parks and green spaces play an important role in providing respite as well as areas for recreation. Many Jamestown projects are located near important parks and green spaces because we value the role of these spaces in community life. Through our giving program, we assist conservancies and other caretakers of these spaces.

Alternative Transportation and Transit

We support a variety of initiatives and organizations that work to raise public awareness and provide alternatives to car commuting such as transit, cycling, or electric vehicles. At our properties we support employees and tenants to consider alternative transportation by providing bicycle facilities to encourage ridership, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for owners of low emission vehicles, and nearby access to public transportation.


Cultural projects can enhance or revive communities by promoting interaction and shared community spirit. In addition, great design inspires creativity and innovative problem solving in the workplace and throughout our communities.

In 2016, Jamestown made gifts from the Jamestown Charitable Foundation and from the properties owned by Jamestown totaling over $1,300,700 to charitable organizations including the following: