Retail Center

San Sebastián, Spain

The property* is a retail center located in Usurbil, a suburb of San Sebastián, Spain. It is seven kilometers from the city center with strong street connections and public transportation connectivity. The complex is 35,467 square meters, split between retail and a separately owned hypermarket. It averages four million visitors per year. The repositioning will capitalize on its robust foot traffic and focus on the Basque culture of the area by bringing in local businesses and entreprenuers. With a focus on locally relevant events, activities, art, and food, the center is a main shopping hub and a sybmol of the Basque community.

Address: Bo. Txiki-Erdi, 7, 20170 Usurbil, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Major tenants: Cinesa, Eroski, Forum, Txinparta, Zara

*This property is managed by Jamestown on behalf of a third party owner.