Creative & Marketing

  • George Krauth

    Vice President, Creative Director

    George Krauth is a Vice President of Creative & Marketing and Creative Director of Jamestown.  Mr. Krauth first joined Jamestown as a Manager at Warehouse Row in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He oversees the creative direction and execution of aesthetics, branding and design for Jamestown nationwide, and brings over a decade's worth of real estate experience to the team in leasing, tenant merchandising, acquisitions and community planning, as well as extensive creative experience in interior design, marketing and project management.  Mr. Krauth’s creative work has been featured in national publications and he has been repeatedly recognized as a tastemaker by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.  He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Tennessee, followed by a Master of City Planning, as well as a Certificate in Building Construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology's College of Architecture.

  • Evan Fuller

    Vice President, Food & Beverage Director

    Evan Fuller is a Vice President of Creative and Marketing and the Food & Beverage Director of Jamestown.  Mr. Fuller currently oversees operations of the Creative & Marketing Department in conjunction with his food & beverage duties which include visioning food & beverage anchored place making, design and implementation, and vetting of potential concepts.  He joined Jamestown in 2011 as the Food & Beverage Coordinator, specializing in concepting and structuring operations for Jamestown-developed outlets.  Prior to joining Jamestown, Mr. Fuller spent 12 years in Food & Beverage with The Ritz-Carlton.  He received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Vanderbilt University.